Myocardial infarction

It is heart attack and is a life threatening

condition that occurs when blood flow to the

heart muscle is abruptly cut off, causing

tissue damage. This usually the result of a

blockage in one or more of the coronary



1. Instant chest pain and neck pain, breathing

problems cold sweat.

2. Heart beat disorder

3. Pain in left arm, jaws and neck and

shortness of breath

4. Men feel severe chest pain while in women

it appears as jaw pain and difficulty in



1. High blood pressure

2. Smoking

3. Diabetes

4. Lack of exercise

5. Obesity

6. Blood clotting in arteries

7. Blockage of valves by phlegm and blood

8. Alcohol

9. Depression and trauma

10. High cholesterol

Risk (danger signs):

1. High blood pressure

2. High cholesterol

3. Insulin

4. Smoking

5. Obesity/overweight

6. Diabetes

7. Drinking

Cure and treatment in Tib

1. Daroo e taqwiyat e qalb

2. Daroo e Qurs e khoon

3. Daroo e Shafia

4. Quince

5. Pecan at night 1tsp

6. Grape vinegar

7. Thyme+ salt

8. Baaz kunanade

9. Daroo e ‘Urooq

10. Lamb’s meat cooked in cow’s milk

11. Enfie/snuff

Some efficient ways to cure:

1. Draw some blood by needle from finger tips it

will prevent blood clotting

2. Rubbing hands and feet with olive oil

3. C P R (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

4. Restoring the respiratory tract

5. Press pressure points of left foot( under toe)

and palms


1. Fatty foods

2. Smoking

3. Too much medicines

4. Drinking

5. Foods which produces Phlegm

6. Cold foods

7. Depression

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