Heart diseases

Causes in Tib e Ahlebait a.s:

1. carrion

2. blood meal

3. Alcohol/wine

4. Music

5. Adultery

Hateful things for heart:

1. Overeating

2. Forbidden sights

3. Pollution

4. Brushing hair while standing

5. Sleeping a lot

6. Laughing a lo

7. Sins and falsehood

8. Prohibited food


There are several symptoms of heart disease, some

are as follows:

1. chest pain

2. Difficulty in breathing

3. Difficulty while going on stairs.

4. Swelling of hands and feet

5. Acroparaeasthesia

6. Severe chest pain or feeling cold on neck

7. Heartbeat disorder

8. Dizziness

9. Dull face

Heart strengthening foods in Tib e Ahlebait a.s

1. Quince

2. Lamb’s meat cooked in cow’s milk

3. Apples

4. Pears

5. Apple cider vinegar

6. Pomegranate

7. lentils

8. Pumpkin sweet

9. Celery

10. Honey

11. Brushing hair while sitting

12. frankincense

13. Beetroot leaves

14. Jaggery

15. Daffodil’s fragrance

16. Lemon balm/bee balm tea

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait a.s

1. Heart strengthening medicine (Daroo e taqwiyat e


2. Daroo e Shafia

3. Jame’ Imam Raza a.s along quince’s juice

4. Murakkabe 4

5. Qurs e khoon (iron tablets)

6. Tabigh blood pressure

Narrations of Ahlebait a.s

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said:

1. “There is a piece of meat (heart) in human. If it is

healthy the whole body will be healthy and if it is

ill the whole body will become unhealthy. And

that is ‘heart’.”

(Al-khisal saduq pg 109)

2. “Eat melons. It whitens the teeth, freshens the

breath, and cleanses the heart. Celery boosts the

brain and speed u the heart.”

(Duroos ush Shaheed pg 290, Tib ul Aimma a.s pg


3. “Have frankincense, it is good for memory and

wisdom, get rid of heart burn and brighten up the


(Bihar ul Anwar part 59 pg 249)

4. “Consume raisin it boosts the heart.”

5. “four things destroy the heart and build up the

hypocrisy in your heart(soul):

a. Amusement

b. Despise someone

c. Relations with the royal court

d. Hunting

And other four things which destroy your


a. Constant sins

b. Women’s companionship

c. Fighting or convincing any fool who is not

accepting the truth.

d. Visiting or associating with rich

(Al khisal pg 124)

6. Five things make your heart dead:

a. Overeating

b. Too much Laughing

c. Too much Sleeping

d. Talking too much

e. Corruption

f. Sadness and grief.

(Roda tul Muttaqeen part 12 pg 4)

Imam Ali a.s said:

1. “Vinegar(organic) brighten ups and gives life to

your heart.”

(Bihar part 66 pg 304)

2. “lentils strengthen the heart.”

(Al Kafi part 6 pg 343)

3. “Use honey it kills all diseases and cleanses your


(Makarim ul Akhlaq part 1 pg 359)

4. “cook meat in milk it is the cure of weakness.”

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 368)

5. “Resin strengthens the heart, heat up the body

and freshens the soul.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part 63 pg 151)

6. “Eat figs it softens the veins and walls.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part66 pg 186)

7. “don’t kill your heart by overeating or

overdrinking, as, it is like a yield you destroy it

by overwatering.”

(Jame’ ul Ikhbar)

8. “Prevent overeating as, it makes you cruel,

weakens you to obey Allah and makes your ears

deaf to hear any advice.”

(Mizan ul Hikmat Muntakhib pg 251)

9. “Who eats less his stomach is healthier and his

heart sparkles, and who eats a lot his stomach

becomes ill and his heart becomes hard and


(Muntakhib Mizan ul Hikmat pg 247)

10. “Honey is cure to all diseases. It cuts phlegm

and brightens the heart.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part 63 pg 29)

Imam Ja’far e Sadiq a.s said:

1. “Oh Mufaddal! Just note that the heart is

kept in the human’s chest, and is covered with

a membrane. Who has protected it with the

ribs? Who has kept it with the meat and

muscles to protect it from any scratch.”

(Tohid e Mufaddal pg 164)

2. “Apple is beneficial for heart.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part 66 pg 175)

3. “Eat pears, it makes the heart healthy.”

(Makarim ul Akhlaq part pg 379)

4. “Eat wheat porridge, it cleanses the heart.”

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 171)

5. “whoever has weakness or a weak heart

should eat lamb’s meat cooked in cow’s milk.”

(Bihar part 76 pg 194)

6. “Eggplants are good for every disease. It

brightens the face, softens the veins and makes


(Makarim ul Akhlaq part 1 pg 398)

Imam Musa Kazim a.s said:

1. “Eat quince it strengthens the heart.”

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 366)

2. “Eat sugarcane, it cleanses coronary arteries

and open ups the veins.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part 65 pg 189)

3. “Don’t brush your hair while standing it

weakens the heart, sit and brush them it

strengthens the heart and freshens the


(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 1 pg 429)

Imam Ali Raza a.s said:

“eat pomegranate, it makes devil far away from

you and brightens the heart.”

(‘Uyoon al Ikhbar baab111 31)

Blood meal

Blood meal causes bad breath, ugliness,

madness, cruelty, brutality as a person can kill

his own kids or parents. Nor his relatives

neither he himself his safe from his own self.

(Al Kafi part 6 pg 66)

Imam Ja’far Sadiq a.s said:

“Allah has prohibited blood to eat as it causes

madness, cruelty and can cause the person kill

his own relatives.”

(Tafsire e Burhan part 1 pg 434)

Imam Ali a.s said:

“whenever you want to cook meat just wash it

thoroughly and not any blood remained in it.”

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait a.s

1. Daroo e taqwiyat e qalb (it is good for all

heart diseases)

2. Safarjal (it is cure for all blood problems,

veins blockage and walls)

3. Murakkabe 6

4. Qurs e khoon

5. Daroo e Baaz kunanade (it is a miraculous

to open up veins)

6. Jame’ Imam Raza a.s + quince juice

7. Ajwa dates’ paste

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