Blockage of heart veins:

Things which are beneficial to eat in this


1. Wild basil

2. Figs

3. Sugarcane

4. Eggplants

5. Lamb’s meat cooked in cow’s milk

6. Cow’s ghee

7. Pomegranate

8. Quince’s juice

9. 3 to 4 Ajwa dates paste

10. Turnip soup (boiled for15-20 mins)

11. Oranges

12. Peganum harmala 2to 10 grams

13. Half walnut at night

14. Take thyme+seasalt before meal

15. Cinnamon

16. Black cumin

17. Ginger

Avicenna’s prescription

1. 20 Garlic + milk + lime + honey + saffron

At morning or at evening

2. Grape and apple vinegar

3. Oranges

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait

1. Daroo e taqwiyat e qalb

2. Baz kunanade

3. Shafia

4. Saooth/snuff

Narrations of Ahlebait a.s

Imam Ja’far e sadiq a.s said:

“Eggplants are good for any disease, makes veins

work easily and increase men power.”

(Makarim ul Akhlaq part 1 pg 398)

“Wild basil open up the heart veins.”

(Al Kafi part 6 pg 364)

Imam Ali a.s said:

“fig gives relief to veins.”

(Tib ul Aimma pg 137)

“Jealousy makes man ill and weakens the heart.”

(Wasail ush shi’a (tabrasi) part 12 pg 18)

Imam Musa e Kazim a.s said:

“sugarcane open ups the arteries.”

(Bihar ul Anwar part 66 pg 189)

Thing to do to prevent:

1. Olive oil instead other cooking oils

2. Flour with its fiber

3. Exercise daily

4. Vinegar before meal

5. Ginger and garlic

6. Less medicines

7. Don’t have old or frozen meat

8. Have less meat

9. Eat less

10. Organic and natural juices

11. Use cow’s butter (ghee) it has health benefits

for heart and veins.

Things to avoid:

1. Avoid fatty and fried foods

2. Outside food

3. Spices

4. Cold drinks

5. Sweets

6. Cold water

7. Brushing hair while standing

8. Brushing hair in bathroom

9. Music

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