Ascites fluid

The accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal causing

abdominal swelling.

Reasons in Tib e Ahlebait a.s

1. Eating blood

2. Drinking water while standing at night

3. Wearing pants while standing

4. Drinking water just after bath

5. Kidney disorder

Reasons in Medical

1. T.B

2. Kidney disorder

3. Thyroid

4. Cancer

5. Testicle’s infection


1. Increase in weight

2. Dyspnea

3. Abdominal swelling and pain

4. Stomach trans off

5. Feeling heaviness

6. Indigestion

7. Nausea Vomiting

8. Change in bellybutton

Treatment by Tib

1. Turaifel

2. Ibne Bastham

3. Senna leaves

Narrations of Ahlebait a.s

(Water in Abdominal )

Whoever will not wash the meat properly and eat

that, a yellow fluid will be produced in his stomach

which causes bad breath.

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 334)

Imam Ja’far Sadiq a.s said:

1. Drinking water while standing at night will

produce yellow fluid in the stomach.

(Usool e Kafi part 6 pg 383)

2. Don’t drink water immediately after bath or at

night while standing it makes yellow fluid in


(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 1 pg 437)

3. Don’t wear your clothes (breeches) while

standing it will cause grief and yellow liquid in

the stomach.

(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 3 pg 313)

Once a man came to Imam Ali Raza a.s and

complained about yellow fluid in his stomach, Imam

suggested him to write Ayat ul Kursi with saffron 2

times on his stomach then wash and drink that

Insha’Allah will be fine he did the same and get


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