HIRSCH sprung

Hirsch sprung disease is a birth defect in which

nerve cells are missing at the end of a child’s bowel.

This damage causes blockages in the bowel

normally. Most often, the areas missing the nerve

cells are the rectum and the sigmoid colon.


1. Swelling

2. Stomachache

3. Constipation

4. Overweight

5. Gas

6. vomiting

symptoms in child

1. difficulty in stool passage

2. stomach swelling or gas

3. diarrhea

4. vomiting (green or grey)

In case of Diarrhea


1. Diarrhea’s medicine (Tib)

2. Nerve strengthening medicine

3. Sour grapes or its juice

4. Orange blossoms

5. Yarrow

In case of constipation:


1. Daroo e Mullayin

2. Morkb 9

3. Senna +Rose

4. Morkb 4

5. Sodabar

6. Zaheer

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