A condition in which part of an organ is displaced

and protrudes through the wall of the cavity

containing it (often involving the intestine at a weak

point in the abdominal wall). By lying it disappears

and does not feels. Gradually its pain become

severe. Different medicines can be used in this

case. It can be by birth. In children it can be in

bellybutton or underneath stomach. Heavy weight

lifting can cause this with swelling. This is mostly

common in women while washing or lift any heavy

stuff due to which swelling occurs underneath skin.

Sometimes mild rosin occurs in muscles underneath

delicate areas such as lower thighs of the abdomen

etc. which become severe after lifting weights.

Beneficial foods for hernia:

1. Make tea with Ginger+ honey +cinnamon+

chamomile and have it at morning and night.

2. Eat light food and Chew it properly

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait a.s:

1. Daroo e fatq (malidani) + grape’s vinegar +

honey make paste and apply it on hernia.

2. Daroo e fataq (eatable) every night

3. Daroo e Anfia in nostrils.

4. Sugarcane

5. Healthy food

6. Apple cider vinegar

7. Dill

8. Carrot juice

9. Lemon juice

10. Hollyhocks water

11. Salad

12. Daroo e Anfia + kandash 1 part + 2part

black seeds in nostrils


1. Treat constipation

2. Treat cough

3. Avoid fried food

4. Chew the meal properly

Things to avoid:

1. Smoking

2. Wine

3. Maize

4. Fried food

5. Fast food

6. Overeating

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