1. Ginger tea
  2. Honey+black seeds

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait

  1. Murakkabe 2
  2. Murakkabe 1
  3. Hazoom
  4. Jama’e Imam Raza a.s
  5. Shafia
  6. Murakkabe 3

Peptic Ulcer

Duodenum is the origin of this type of ulcer due to acids. It causes
an ache at specific part and the pain become intense while
touched. It burns as someone is drilling and gets intense while
hungry. Fatty foods give some relief but after digestion it starts
again. In severe condition it causes blood urine. At first blood
comes little but gradually it causes blood puke. Blackish stool,
burning, constipation and nervousness are some of the
symptoms. It is due to indigestion and eating carelessly.

  1. Jame’ Imam Raza a.s +cumin
  2. Jame’ imam Raza a.s + honey
  3. Murakkabe 2
  4. Ginger tea

Gastric Ulcer

The swelling in Gastrointestinal salivary membrane which
damages the small or a large portion of the stomach.

  1. Hazoom
  2. Murakkabe 2
  3. Jame’ Imam Raza a.s with cumin water
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