Stomach diseases

  1. Stomach diseases

Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H said:
Stomach is the root of all diseases and prevention is the
cure of all diseases.
(Bihar ul Anwar)


  1. Overeating
  2. Not chewing properly
  3. Taking bath while empty stomach
  4. Usage of chemicals
  5. Cold drinks and cold water
  6. Fast foods
  7. Drinking water immediately after eating meat
  8. Hot meal
  9. Eating eggs daily
  10. Uncooked or old meat
  11. Dried salted meat
  12. Taking so many medicines

Causes of stomach diseases:

  1. Drinking water during meals
  2. Cold water
  3. Eating dry or hard foods
  4. Dried meat
  5. Eggs
  6. Taking bath with empty of full stomach
  7. Not chewing food thoroughly

Eating in hurry

Taking so many foods or medicines for correction of
stomach system.


  1. Burning after taking meal
  2. Stomach ache and inflammation
  3. Swelling or puffiness
  4. Bloody vomit in case of ulcer
  5. Blackish urine
  6. Nausea or puke
  7. Changes in appetite
  8. Losing weight without any reason

Things which are good for stomach’s health

  1. Broad beans
  2. Celery
  3. Thyme
  4. Rice beard
  5. Pomegranate’s inner membrane
  6. Quince
  7. Russian olive (sinjid)
  8. Cow’s milk
  9. Pears
  10. Apples
  11. Taking salt after meal
  12. Aab e Nisan (rain water)
  13. Chives

Foods that cleanse the stomach

  1. Sawiq
  2. Quince
  3. Dates
  4. Luke warm water
  5. Sawiq e udas (Lentil Saweeq)
  6. Pears
  7. Imam Ali Raza’s syrup

Imam Jafar sadiq a.s said:
Stomach is the origin of every illness. Prevention is the first step
of treatment. You should eat those things which suits you.
(Tib al Mustafa pg 25)

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said:

Eat broad beans it eliminates stomach infection and it will
strengthen the digestion system.
(almahasin part 2 pg 506)

Imam Jafar sadiq a.s said:

  1. Eat broad beans along with its skin it corrects stomach’s
    (usool e kafi part 6 pg 344)
  2. Take pomegranate along with its inner membrane it corrects
    the stomach function and digests the food.

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 356)

  1. take pomegranate pulp. It is good for stomach’s heaviness, it
    cleanses the stomach and digest the food.
    (Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 87)
  2. Russian olives make new muscles, maintains heart’s
    temperature, cleanses the stomach, cures leprosy and
    hemorrhoid(piles), and warm up the kidneys.
    (Darooye Ma’nawi pg 219)
  3. Eat quince it corrects the stomach function and strengthens
    the heart.
    (Al Mahasin part pg550)
  4. Give rice’s bread to those who have stomach problem. It is
    the best thing for him to eat. It accurate the stomach function
    and treats TB.
    (Usool e Kafi 6 th part pg 305)
  5. A man once complained about his stomach problem to Imam
    Jafar Sadiq a.s, Imam a.s asked him, has anyone prohibited
    you to have cow’s milk? The man said, I had it (cow’s milk)
    before. Imam a.s asked him, so how was it (milk)?
    He replied, it rectifies stomach’s function, builds kidneys’ fat and
    increases appetite.
    (Usool e Kafi 6 th part pg 337)
  1. Pear rectifies and strengthens the stomach. The pear and
    the quince works the same. The pear works great after meal
    while quince is good before meal. Who feels heaviness in his
    heart should have some pear.
    (Usool e kafi part 6 pg 358)
  2. Allah has created teeth to chew food thoroughly. Chewing
    properly increases appetite and repairs the stomach.
    (Bihar ul Anwar part 73 pg 134)
    Imam Ali a.s said:
  3. Thyme helps in digestion and speed up the function of
    (Al Mahasin 2 nd part pg 516)
  4. Eat apple, it cures the stomach.
    (Usool e kafi part 6 pg 357)
    Foods which cleanses the stomach:
    Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said:
  5. Eat barni dates, it makes mouth smells good, cleanse the
    stomach and helps in digestion.
    (Al khisal pg 416)
  6. Iftar (breaking fast) with warm water cleanses the liver and
    the stomach.
    (Rodath ul waa’ezin pg 341)
  7. Stomach phlegm

Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s said:
Sathoo (Grams and barley paste) fights with bile, stomach’s
phlegm and is the cure of 70 diseases.
(usool e kafi part 6 pg 306)
Imam Ali a.s said:
Use thyme it eliminates stomach’s moisture, and creates a layer
of mesh for it as silk worm.
(Usool e kafi part 6 pg 6)
Imam Raza a.s said:
Eat boswellia (frankincense) it eliminates phlegm of stomach,
boosts the brain and stomach and actives the digestion.
(Makarim al akhlaq pg 194)
Imam Musa e Kazim a.s said:
To a person who complained about stomach moisture, to use mint
powder at morning.
(Wasail ush shi’a part 17pg 125)

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