Stomach cancer Gastric Cancer

The generation of bad cells in the stomach causes cancer.

A person having the cancer already can face stomach cancer as


Basic symptoms:

1. Feeling heaviness after meal

2. Difficulty to swallow

3. Puffiness

4. Heart Burn

5. Indigestion

6. Burps

7. Pain in stomach or ribs

8. Bloody puke

9. Under weight

10. Anemia

11. Weakness or fatigue

12. Gasp

Severe condition:

1. Feeling as stomach is full of water or there is any tangle.

2. Anemia

3 Bloody or blackish stool

4. Weakness or fatigue

5. Less appetite

6. Losing weight

Treatment in Tib e Ahlebait:

1. Safa

2. Jame’ Imam Raza a.s +cumin water

3. Black seeds+ honey

4. Mint tea

5. Murakkabe 2

6. Pomegranate or its paste

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