Colorectal Cancer/Colon Cancer

Intestine helps to absorb the nutrition for the body. There

is small intestine and large intestine

It consists of three parts

1. Colon

2. Rectum

3. Anus

Types of colon cancer

1. Colon cancer

2. Rectal cancer

Colon cancer begins when healthy cells accumulate, they

form a tumor. With time, the cancer cells can grow to

invade and destroy normal tissue nearby. They start from

colon walls. They spread through blood to other parts of

the body. It is called secondary cancer.


1. Blood in urine

2. Changes in stool (constipation, diarrhea)

3. Stomach ache or puffiness

4. Frequent stools

5. Losing weight without any reason

6. Fatigue

Treatment by Tib e Ahlebait:

Treat rectal cancer and bleeding

1. Safa

2. Tareefal

3. Senna

4. Zaheer (medicine)

5. Injection of jame’ Imam Raza a.s +quince’s honey

into colon

6. Dua for swelling

7. Murakkab e 2

8. Fig

9. Chicory

10. Maqal arzuq(medicine) in case of bleeding

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