Heart palpitations are feelings of having a

fast beating, fluttering or pounding heart.

Stress, exercise, meditation or, rarely a

medical condition can trigger them.


1. Blood deficiency

2. Onanism or self-abuse

3. Hashish

4. Smoking

5. Depression, stress or overthinking

6. Constipation

7. Stomach disorder

8. Overeating


Palpitations can feel like the heart is fluttering,

throbbing, flip-flopping, murmuring or

pounding. They can also feel like the heart skips

a beat. Some people feel palpitations as a

pounding in the chest or neck: others feel them

as a general sense of unease.

Medicines in Tib:

1. Murakkabe 2

2. Murakkabe 4

3. Jame’+ cumin water

4. Saaf kunandeh khoon (blood purifier)

5. Cupping

Beneficial food:

1. Salad leaves

2. Pomegranate

3. Plums

4. Jojoba

5. Cumin tea

6. Apples

7. Guavas

8. Thyme

9. Quince

10. Safarjal tea

11. Citrus aurantium fragrance

12. Quince + its leaves +rose petals+2glasses of

water boil them and when it remains 1 glass

then have it and add little honey into it

Imam Ja’far e Sadiq a.s said:

“Eat guavas it purifies the heart. Reliefs

stomach ache, strengthens the stomach and

eliminates panic disorder.

(Wasail ush shi’a part 17 pg 105)

Abdullah bin Usman said that I asked Imam Taqi

a.s about anxiety of the heart (panic) and

stomach’s acidity.

Imam a.s said to me,” have jame’ with cumin

water you will get relief Insha’Allah.”

(Tib ul Aimma pg 76)

Imam Ali Raza a.s said:

Cupping in between two shoulders is good for

acidity and anxiety.

(Risalah azzabiyah pg 49)

Things to avoid:

1. Tea

2. Tobacco

3. Intoxication

4. Depression and anger

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