Flatulence (gassiness)

The gas should pass out of body but in some cases it can

be abnormal it has so many reasons. Distance from sea

level also affects as well as at plane it needs to be pass

out as it spreads due to air pressure. The undigested food

particles pass from small to large intestine, it creates

gases which passes out. Eating horridly, chewing gums or

soda water etc. all causes gastric issues. According to the

specialists the bad smell of stomach’s gas is due to the

food which is not absorbed properly by the body.


1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

2. Stomach disorder

3. Smoking

4. Indigestion

5. Eating horridly

6. Cold drinks and soda drinks

7. Chewing bubble gums

8. Helicobacter pylorus (eating sweets)

9. C. difficile (bacteria in intestine)


1. Swelling of stomach

2. Stomach ache and burps

3. Constipation

4. Gassiness

5. Indigestion

6. Gripes

Treatment with Tib e Ahlebait:

1. Jame Imam Raza a.s + fennel seeds

2. Syrup of Imam Raza a.s

3. Hazoom

4. Sikanjbin (sweetened beverage of diluted lemon


5. Murakkabe 4

6. Murakkabe 2

7. Murakkabe 3


Suitable food items:

1. Beans

2. Red roses+ 1tsp honey at night

3. Mint tea

4. Ginger + lemon tea

5. Fennel seeds tea (men should avoid)

6. Walnut + carom (trachyspermum ammi)

7. Lemon balm tea

8. Cinnamon tea

9. Olive oil

10. Radish leaves

11. Carom essence (sweat)

12. Chives

13. Honey

Sayings of Ahlebait a.s

Walnut + carom

Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s said:

Eat walnut along carom, it kills piles, pass out the gases,

make skin beautiful, cleanse the stomach and keep

kidneys warm.

(Makarim ul akhlaq pg 191)


Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s said:

1. Honey along with black seeds is the cure of stomach

and its gases.

(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 16 pg

2. Beans (red) passes out the gas.

(Wasail ush shi’a part 25 pg

3. Radish leaves kill gases and phlegm.

4. Olives has the ability to kill the stomach gases.

(Tib ul Mustafa s.a.w.w)

5. Chives have four benefits. Freshens the breath, cures

gas, piles and leprosy.

(Tib ul Mustafa s.a.w.w)

Stomach ache:

A person complained about stomach ache to Prophet

P.B.U.H, prophet suggested him to take a glass of

warm water add honey into it and recite Surat ul

Hamd seven times at it. It will get relief.

(it is good for intestinal infection and colic as well)

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 27)

Prophet P.B.U.H said:

Murakkabe 4 is good for stomach ache and joint pain.

(human pg 77)

Imam Ali Raza a.s said:

In case of stomachache and gripes take 1 walnut and

bake it with its peel then peel off and eat it

immediately. It will give relief.

(Tib ul Aimma pg 101)

(it is best for heart pain, old migraine, headache,

nerve disorders as well)

Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s said:

Take honey (1tsp) and black seeds (7, 9 or 11) early in the

morning. It is cure for all disease. It is good for any

temperament hyper or calm.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 100)

There was a Jewish doctor in Madinah who treated his

patients with operation. People asked prophet P.B.U.H

could they consult that doctor for operation? Prophet

P.B.U.H refused and said, black seeds, cupping and

venesection are the best to cure your diseases.

(Bihar ul Anwar part 59 pg 83)

Murakkabe 3 is good to reduce stomachache and phlegm.

(Tib ul Aimma pg 77)

Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s said:

There was no prophet who didn’t eat barley because it kills

stomachache. Allah didn’t like anything else for his

messengers to eat except barley.

(Usool e Kafi part 6 pg 403)

A person complained about bloody flux to Imam Baqir a.s

Imam suggested him to have Zaheer (Armenian flower)

(medicine of Tib e Ahlebait)

And heat it up and take 2 tsp of it.

(Bihar ul Anwar part 92 pg 108)

Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s:

Have Rice’s sawiq cooked iv cow’s milk it is good for


(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 100)

Ahmad bin is’haq complained about his father’s intense

diarrhea, imam Ali Raza a.s suggested him jame’ with


(Tib e Islami part 2 pg 335)

Abdul Rahman bin Kathir littered with diarrhea. Imam Jafar

Sadiq a.s suggested him to take sawiq of setaria viridis

(foxtail millet) with cumin water. He had that and became


(Usool e kafi part 6 pg 345)

side pain

A man complained about side pain. Imam suggested him

to eat the remained particles of food after meal. He said, I

did the same and get cured. A person whose name was

Ibrahim did the same and he became good as well.

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 444)

Prophet P.B.U.H said:

Kasham is beneficial for side pain.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 60)

Ibn e Bastham said that Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s has

suggested Murakkabe 9 for side pain.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 76)

Murakkab e 2 is good for heartburn, abdominal pain,

strengthens stomach and side pain.


Imam Ali Raza a.s has suggested to have 2 glass of water

and boil it until 1 glass remains and add small amount of

Jame’ Imam Raza a.s, to cure side pain.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 90)

Gastric issue

Darih al Maharabi complained about gastric problem.

Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s suggested him to have honey with

black seeds.

(Tib ul Aimma pg 48)

Urine Incontinence

Umro al Afraq complained about this issue, imam Baqir

a.s suggested him to take pecan (peganum harmala

seeds) wash it seven times with cold water and at last

wash it with warm water

And dry it in shadow. Make a paste with pure oil and use

it. Inshallah you will get rid of it.

(Tib ul Aimma pg 54)

Irritation in bladder and urination

Imam Baqir a.s has suggested to take a cucumber’s peel

and boil it with chicory’s root and add sugar in it and have

450 grams of it early in the morning, for 3 days.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 54)


Eat fig it reliefs your chest and is good for colic.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 138)

Imam Ali Raza a.s said whoever will eat eggs along fish

he will suffer with colic, gout and tooth ache.

Treatment: honey +warm water + seven times Surat ul


(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 14 pg 359)

Whoever will take bath with full stomach will suffer with


(Bihar ul Anwar part 59 pg 321)

Imam Baqir a.s said:

Whoever will go to his wife at early night, he will suffer with

colic, stroke or paralysis.

(Bihar ul Anwar part 59 pg 327)

Imam Ali Raza a.s said:

Taking melon in breakfast will cause paralysis or colic.

(Makarim ul Akhlaq pg 175)

You should eat figs. It is good for colic, make bones strong

and grow hair.

(Tib ur Reza a.s)

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said:

1. Eat figs it prevents you from colic or gripes.

(Tib un Nabi s.a.w.w pg 27)

2. Seven dates at night saves you from colic.

(Da’aim Islam part 2 pg 148)

3. Whoever will start his meal with salt he will be safe

from colic.

(Mustadrak Ul Wasail part 16 pg


Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s said:

1. Eat pumpkin’s sweet (halwa) it is good for colic.

(Tib ul Aimma a.s 138)

2. Eat carrots it kills piles and colic.

(Usool e Kafi part 6 pg 371)

3. Whoever will have seven leaves of chicory at bed

time he will be safe from colic that night.

(Al Mahasin part 2 pg 509)

Stomach’s gas

Walnut + carom seeds

Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s said:

Walnut with carom seeds kill piles, gas, gives beauty to

the skin cleanses the stomach and keep kidneys warm.

(Makarim ul Akhlaq pg 191)


Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s said:

Honey along black seeds is the cure for gas and stomach.

(Mustadrak ul Wasail part 16 pg 397)

Digestive diseases

Imam Ali a.s said:

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Take breakfast and dinner. Skip lunch because it

damages the body, didn’t you listen what Allah Almighty

says (in Quran)

“They hear therein no idle talk, but only Peace. And

therein they have food for morn and evening.”

(Surat ul Maryam: 62)

Imam Ja’far e Sadiq a.s said:

There will be two meals in Heaven in a day, in the morning

and in the evening.

(Mafatih ul Hayat)

Most of the stomach problem is due to indigestion that is

why we should skip the lunch it is burden to our stomach,

which leads us to disease. If feeling hungry then should

take some light foods or juices or Sattu etc. gradually it will

become a habit and will be a pleasure. It is best advice to

those with stomach problem.

Medicines in Tib e Ahlebait a.s in this regard:

1. Hazoom

2. Murakkabe 3

3. Shafia

4. Imam Ali Raza’s syrup

5. Murakkabe 2

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