1. Honey

2. Black seeds

3. Murakkab e 2

4. Ginger tea

5. Black cumin tea at night

6. Jama’ Imam Raza a.s

Acidity after meal


1. Rose oil 2 tsp+1/2 tsp. vinegar

2. Rose petals 2tsp+honey 2tsp at bed time(night)

3. Hazoom after meal

Foods that helps in digestion

Imam Jafar e Sadiq a.s said:

1. Radish has three benefits. Its leaves treat gastric problem,

its seeds flush out the urine, its roots kills phlegm and digest

the food.

(Usool e Kafi part 6 pg 371)

2. Wild basil is the salad of Anbiya(prophets). It has eight

benefits. Increases hunger, cures nausea, freshens the

breath, increases appetite, cures illness and leprosy. It fights

with the diseases in the stomach.

(usool e Kafi part 6 pg 364)

Prophet P.B.U.H said:

1. Eat cheese. It gives relaxation while asleep and digests the


(Tib ul Aimma a.s pg 71)

2. Eat salad leaves it brings sleep and helps in digestion.

(Makarim ul akhlaq pg 183)

Imam Ali a.s said:

Sattu(sawiq) is the best food it fills your hunger while you are

hungry and digest food while you are full.

(Usool e Kafi part 6 pg 305)

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